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Photoshop is expensive and sometimes difficult to use for developers. Sometimes we don’t want to have installed Photoshop just to export the assets or check the components existing in a design. With KataPSD just upload a pre-formatted PSD and we will take care from there, hastle free and without requiring a Photoshop license or knowledge.


Aren’t you tired of the repetitive work it takes to go from a photoshop design to UI code? KataPSD found a way to make this process much less tedious. Just upload your structured PSD file, select the screens you want to include into your application, and you are ready to go.


Is not a secret “time is money”, and sometime reducing the time required to accomplish a project is vital to be competitive. With KataPSD you can reduce days or even weeks of work to minutes. Forgot about exporting all the assets in your design to different resolutions, or creating a lot of files with repetitive code. Just upload your PSD select the screens you want to include in your application, export it and enjoy it!


How many times you introduced an error just because you copied and pasted a piece of code? More than one time? Don’t worry we had been there. The main idea of KataPSD is eliminate the repetitive work required to translate a Photoshop file to a mobile application. KataPSD can create all necessary assets to inmmediately start coding your project.


KataPSD fully support iOS and Android. In the shorterm we will be adding more platforms like React Native and Native Script.


Already with a project codebase? You need to include new screens or assets? With KataPSD you can just download all the assets from the PSD within minutes and import them into the project you need it. Avoid working with PSD files, cutting, cropping or copying resources and working with them.

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